Albi Home M+ is the new arrival in the Albi family.
The first eco-conscious smart wine dispenser.

  • AI Powered
    Energy Saver

    Albi can now optimize energy consumption by recognizing the best time to be activated by itself

  • Three different
    cooling modes

    Choose whether to optimize consumption, minimize noise or have wine ready as soon as possible

  • Automatic vacuum

    Eliminate all the oxygen in the bags where you have poured your wine, prevent oxidation and ensure a longer preservation.

Why Preserve Your Wine?

Once you uncork the bottle, your wine starts losing its flavor, aroma, and taste. This is due to oxidation. This chemical reaction happens when air gets in contact with the liquor and immediately starts ruining it.

As a result, you throw away the bottle with the leftover wine, which is already past its best.

Prolong Your Wines’ Life for Months

Albi uses Smart Bags & proprietary technology to preserve your wine for up to 6 months after uncorking the bottle. This is 8x longer than any other existing technology!

Wine lovers, rejoice! Now you can open any of your treasured valuable wines without worrying to waste them. The taste intended by winemakers is waiting for you to savor.

Your Wines at the Ideal Temperature

Drink your wine at the optimal temperature to reveal the wealth of its unique aromas and flavors.

The secret of long preservation

Thanks to its multi-layer structure, the Smart Bag blocks the passage of UV rays and oxygen into your wine and prevents its oxidation up to 6 months. It also has an NFC label, which allows Albi to recognize your wine and adjust it to its optimal temperature.

  • It keeps the wine safe from oxygen and UV rays by blocking the wine oxidation and preserving it up to 6 months.

  • With the NFC tag included in the label, Albi recognizes your wine and brings it to an ideal temperature.

  • These taps are specially designed to let the wine out and block the entry of oxygen.

  • It always takes the shape of the remaining wine, allowing no space for the contact between wine and air.

  • Smart Bags are the most sustainable choice for wine. Each part of the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Simple To Use

Use your own wine


Rediscover your wine collection. Time to open the treasured bottle and discover the taste as intended by winemakers, without wasting a drop.

Step 1. Take any wine bottle and pour it into the Smart Bag
Step 2. Select your wine from Albi’s huge database, or add your own with the app
Step 3. Let Albi automatically detect your wine and set it to the perfect temperature

Take a glass and enjoy!

Order from Albi's exclusive collection


Explore new tastes with our list of hand-picked wines. Your one-stop-shop to the wealth of exclusive and unique world’s flavors

Step 1. Choose from 200+ wineries available for order
Step 2. Get pre-filled Smart Bags delivered right to your door
Step 3. Let Albi automatically detect your wine and set it to the perfect temperature

Take a glass and enjoy!

Easy to Pour

Pouring the wine from your bottle into the Smart Bag is super easy! Simply uncork the bottle and pour it into your Smart Bag through the one-way tap. Now nothing will change your wine’s taste!

Easy to switch

With the compact Smart Bags, you can store many wines at once with no waste! Store them in your fridge and whenever you want a perfect glass, easily take out the Smart Bag placed in your Albi and replace it with the one you want to enjoy at an ideal temperature!


Made of 100% recyclable and BPA-free packaging, the Smart Bags are washable, durable and lighter. Unlike traditional glass bottles, they reduce carbon footprint by 40% and are 90% lighter.

80% less waste than wine bottles
33% less volume than glass bottles
20% energy savings during the transport of wine
90% energy savings during the transport of packaging only

Simple to serve

Ask your home assistant to pour you a glass of wine
Use the Albi app to pour the wine
Press the button on the top of Albi

How Does Albi Serve your Wine?

The Albi app is easy to use and allows you to make the most of your Smart Wine Dispenser. Manage your wine cellar right from the coach, get useful recommendations, set the temperature for your wine, browse new wines or go place an order at a single touch.

If you have a special temperature preference for your wine, you can easily set it through the app. You can even set the temperature while away to have the perfect glass ready for you once you return after a busy day.

Order from 200+ world-famous wine brands through our app or use the Albi Smart Wine Bags to store your own wine. Once you’ve placed your order, we will ship the wine directly to your door, in pre-filled Smart Wine Bags.

Our app gives you all the details you need to know about your favorite wine. Learn everything from the alcohol percentage of your wine and its food pairing to the type of grape used, the ideal temperature recommended for it and much more.

Home Assistant

Albi works with your home assistants, which makes it the smartest wine dispenser in the market. Ask it to pour you a glass or recommend the wines in Smart Bags that are about to finish or are nearing the end of 6-month preservation. Only make sure to say ‘please’!


Take portable Albi with you wherever the fun requires a perfect glass. Now the barbecue party in your backyard, picnic with your family in a park or your short vacation in a villa will have a totally different flavor!

Parental control

Albi has parental control features that allow you to lock your wine dispenser from the app so that your children can't use it when you are not there.

Enrich your home interior with a touch of elegance and functionality. A preserving system and a wine chiller with the most compact design on the market. Bringing elegance to any room it is placed in, Albicchiere is perfect for any situation that calls for wine. With an elegant design, Albi can make your kitchen modern and add a sense of dignity and class. It stands out enough to catch the eye and be a conversation centerpiece while hardly taking up any space.

Albi Early Testers


Albi comes with covers of different colors. If you get bored with your Albi’s color, simply replace it with another one in only 5 seconds. Now you can enjoy new Albi every day!


Albi for Business

Albi is the perfect wine dispenser for your business. Preserve leftover wine and sell it till the last drop, serving each glass at a perfect temperature. Know everything about your customers and business needs through lifelong marketing data and in-depth analytics.

Albi for Hotels, Bars & Restaurants

Give your customers a memorable experience. Leave them speechless by serving them a glass at the perfect temperature. Increase your revenue without wasting a drop.

For more info on using Albi at your hotel, Restaurant or Bar click here.

Albi for Wineries

Take your wine to the next level. Enhance your brand perception with a perfectly preserved glass of wine.

For more info on using Albi at your winery click here

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